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Charles Sandison's solo exhibition "The garden of life"
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Charles Sandison's solo exhibition "The garden of life"
The garden of light comprises interwoven video projections and large screens that invite the audience to immerse themselves in the digital glow of an alternate universe populated by artificial intelligence life forms. Words, numbers, signs, and symbols roam freely around the walls. Sometimes briefly merging to form human figures and then exploding into a storm of letters, they transform themselves from one lexicon to another. Sandison combines his ability to write complex computer programs with a savant like spatial dexterity that visualises the hidden world of data that surrounds us. The computer for Sandison operates like an oracle.

Central to the exhibition are interrelated themes of environment, identity, morality, and memory.

Multi-channel video installation “Et in Arcadia ego, 2020” is a biological collage that uses artificial intelligence to create an imaginary eco-system that constantly swings between chaos and entropy. The artwork is a self-contained reality that explores the potential for a utopian world where humanity exists harmoniously within nature.

In “Nude I” and “Nude 2” (2020) the computer analyses a dataset of historical 2D and 3D imagery for ideals of figurative harmony in the human form throughout history. Using artificial intelligence, the resultant data is re-configured to create visualisations, a series of never repeating hybrid authenticities.

“Good and Evil and Yes and No” (2018), The words suggest an opposition of type, reflected in the timeless idea of the struggle between extreme opposites. The words are animated using similar genetic codes as found in microorganisms such as bacteria or cancerous cells

Works such as “The Maker” and “Metsänpeitto”(2020) draw on the artists adopted Finnish homeland and family life. From ideas of loss and grief woven into a fabric as an act of memorial to transplanting the site for his artworks deep into the forest away from audience and observation.

In all the works the artist seeks to open a dialogue between the viewer and the extraordinarily complex digital society we inhabit.
Bernier Eliades Gallery
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